Friday, July 13, 2007

Is Michael Moore a covert agent for the GOP?!

You know who Michael Moore is, right? He's the mockumentarian who has come to personify the liberal elite. He essentially blamed President Bush for 9/11 in his last piece of tripe. And, his current masterpiece portrays Fidel Castro's communist regime down in Cuba as home to the world's best health care system.

Isn't this an extreme example of cognitive dissonance?! I mean, this bloated #)*(%#* wants the same federal government that he believes cannot successfully defend our homeland against terrorists to now be put in complete control of our $2 trillion health care system? Somehow, I doubt he sees the irony in his eagerness to socialize 17% of our domestic economy.

Fortunately, Mike Huckabee continues to be the voice of reason. He called Moore on the mat on this issue, pointing out that people from around the world come knocking on America's door when they need specialized medical care. You NEVER hear of anyone from anywhere rushing down to Havana when they're having a major health problem, do you?!

The former Arkansas governor conceded the US health care system does need some significant reform. For example, he cited the staggering statistic that 75% of our current expenditures are on TREATING disease, and suggested perhaps a greater slice of the pie should go to PREVENTING ailments in the first place. Of course, being proactive about our well-being would involve things Moore apparently finds abhorrent like excercise and sensible diet.

I can only hope that Huckabee's debate with Moore will achieve similar results as Fred Thompson enjoyed earlier this year, pushing him into "top tier candidate" status. We need to be hearing more of his sensible approaches to our country's myriad problems. And, if nothing else, the buffoonery of the leftists only gives common-sense people excellent opportunities to highlight their ignorance.

Go, Mike, go! (Mike H, that is . . .)

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