Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Tebow Mania

There are 14.3 million folks in the Sunshine State, and they all love Tim Tebow.

They've got lots of company, too. We'll find out just how much after 5pm today, the deadline for all those much-coveted Heisman ballots.

If the voting goes as expected, Mr. Tebow will be the youngest winner of the Downtown Athletic Club's prized trophy. And, he deserves it.

But, I am still a bit unnerved by all the mania that has gripped folks down here.

We have reports in the Orlando Sentinel today that at least one person has seen his image in a block of cheese.

And, there was mass confusion down at Lake Eola Park when a dog owner called for his lost canine companion: "Here, Tebow!" Something like a dozen little rovers answered his call. That's right, folks are actually naming their new puppies after the Gator quarterback!

The only thing the real Tebow is going to fetch, though, is that Heisman.

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Blogger ArtfulSub said...

Interesting blog. Glad I found it.

Tebow's an EXCELLENT call-name for a dog. Two explosive consonants. Easy to hear.

I'm naming my next puppy, Tebow. And my next piglet, Mohammed.


12:05 PM  

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