Monday, November 23, 2009

Squeezing in a few more things

I chose the title of this post very carefully, as shall be made evident later.

Before heading back home today, we decided to check out the new Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. After all, it was literally next door to where we stayed the night.

The thing yours truly has always appreciated about any of the Hard Rocks visited to date is the memorabilia.

C'mon, sometimes even folks from Orlando like to play tourist, and it's fun to walk around staring at cases of guitars, drumsticks, and various articles of (questionable) clothing that once belonged to famous people.

Today's meandering thru the Biloxi location featured some pretty cool items, sprinkled as they were between a bunch of national chain franchises like Ben and Jerry's, Starbuck's, and Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.

The most jaw dropping item was a pair of jeans that Elton John *supposedly* wore back in the 70's. But, looking at them, I doubt even Twiggy in her prime could have managed to get them past her kneecaps . . . much less a grown man!

Oh, well.

Time to get back on the road to the land of the fun and sun.

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