Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Enumerating and ruminating

Well, it's now official, ye socks. Yours truly has completed the enumeration of his humble abode for the 2010 Census.

It's got me thinking how much things have changed with our republic's little decennial tradition.

We no longer have census takers trekking about, knocking on doors, and asking probing questions.

Instead, we get these sterile forms in the mail. And, the questions they ask us are so bland.

I mean, if you really start digging into old census records, you'll find they reveal a whole lot of really cool info on our ancestors. (ie the 1900 enumeration duplicated here . . . see if you can spot the Morgans!)

Wonder what posterity will think of the 2010 data . . .

Anyway, if any of ye local socks want to delve into the older, more interesting census records (1790-1930), I would encourage you to get an Orange County library card. That entitles you to access the images for free online thru their "Heritage Quest" subscription.

Now, off to the post office to get this thing mailed . . .

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