Monday, May 10, 2010

Does Nyquil go bad?

Ye socks who have been lost in this dryer for any length of time know of the affection we have for Nyquil in this little corner of heaven.

(See the numerous posts on the subject of this wonderdrug:

Anyway, yours truly last dabbled with this uncontrolled substance back in January.

Just once. That's all it took to conquer whatever was trying to take me down back then.

Then, I put the almost-full bottle in the fridge and pretty much ignored it . . . until last night, when another nameless bug attempted to seize control of my sinuses.

As usual, one shot of Nyquil quickly had me sleeping away any potential illness.

But, this morning finds me still wandering around in a fog, and I'm wondering if this is a result of a newfound low tolerance level for OTC medication or five months worth of fridge fermentation . . .

Either way, hope it wears off soon . . .



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