Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Pine Castle Pioneer Days

Wow, ye socks!

Today's general planning session for Pine Castle Pioneer Days had a great turn-out!

Yours truly made the mistake of showing up "right on time," instead of being the usual few minutes early.

But, by the time I arrived at Belle Isle City Hall, there were no empty spaces to be found in their parking lot!

Instead, I had to park across the street and take a hike in the afternoon heat.

This meant, instead of being "right on time," I was actually a minute or two late. And, it can be kinda embarassing when you have to explain that to a packed house . . .

Still, it was very encouraging to see that many people eager to help us revive this festival.

If any of ye socks are interested in joining us, email We can always use an extra set of hands!



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