Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vote YES on Amendment 1

So, today yours truly received his sample ballot in the mail.

Though Election Day is still several weeks away, I admit to having made up my mind already on several of the contests.

But, all the amendments, judges, soil and water district stuff, etc., is going to require some research before I can cast an educated vote.

Today, I did some digging on Amendment 1, and thought I'd toss the findings into the dryer for the edification of ye socks. Well, at least ye socks who will be asked to answer the same question:

Proposing the repeal of the provision in the State Constitution that requires public financing of campaigns of candidates fore elective statewide office who agree to campaign spending limits.

This is pretty self-explanatory. Why should we be spending state money to fund political activity, especially in this budget-crunching environment when it is needed elsewhere?

If the idea was to shrink the costs of campaigning in Florida, it has been an horrific failure.

Besides, Uncle Sam gives plenty of our federal dollars to candidates.

So, I plan to vote YES ON 1, to keep our state dollars out of the mix so they may be reallocated to budget items that will actually improve the quality of life around this little corner of heaven.

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