Friday, October 08, 2010

Elect Greg Reynolds in State House District 36

The revolving door of candidates at our regular Friday breakfast roundtable ushered-in Greg Reynolds this morning.

Reynolds is seeking to unseat the incumbent Scott Randolph in Florida's state house district #36, which encompasses downtown Orlando and many points north (including College Park).

Randolph, it would appear, is only half-heartedly holding on to his seat in the legislature. He indicated his willingness to leave Tallahassee to complete Mildred Fernandez's term on the Orange County Commission earlier this year, but that idea went over like a lead balloon.

Reynolds, on the other hand, actually wants the seat. This is probably why he is being endorsed by folks on both sides of the political aisle, including both of our beautiful city's former mayors: Glenda Hood (a Republican) and Bill Frederick (a Democrat).

Given the opportunity to speak with Reynolds over coffee this morning, I found him to be very up-to-date on the issues facing both our district and state. As a member of the majority party in the legislature, his ideas for handling those issues would receive much more attention than anything Mr. Randolph might propose.

It doesn't hurt that Reynolds is also a sixth generation Floridian.

If you live in the 36th district, I encourage you to cast your ballot for Greg Reynolds as your next state representative.

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