Saturday, April 02, 2011

New Toy

Yours truly is pleased to report the arrival of a new gadget in this little corner of heaven: an iPad 2.

The plan is to get acquainted with Apple's latest attempt to improve the quality of life for the masses.

Said plan got a little off track today when it was determined that a new wireless router would be needed in the humble abode.

Would ye socks believe it if I told you that entering the phrase "wireless router" in a google search, that the top result is a link to WalMart?


I'm sure that revelation may spark conspiracy theories. So be it. The bottom line, though, was that the dastardly box store did in fact have the most competitive prices and convinced me to make the rare trek to the nearest gateway to Dante's inferno.

Long story longer, I got everything up and running with a minimum of foul language and am actually tossing this post in the dryer via aforementioned iPad2.

But, I'm sure ye socks were able to tell the difference without me pointing out the obvious. . .

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