Monday, July 16, 2007

Huck's bucks

Well, midnight was the cut-off for candidates to file their 2nd Quarter reports with the FEC.

Some of this stuff is pretty interesting.

Some of it's just plain boring, unless you're a numbers person.

But, check it out for yourself:

You can search by contributor name, candidate name, state, etc.

Anyway, I checked out my favorite candidate Mike Huckabee, and found his campaign is on a lot more solid footing than it was at the beginning of the year. So, apparently, his message is finally getting out there to the rest of America.

I was somewhat bemused to find he only had one contributor from Orlando last quarter (mine didn't make it in there until July . . . ) and that was our former DEMOCRATIC mayor Bill Frederick.

Looks like the Huckster is appealing to people on both sides of the aisle . . . at least down here in the Sunshine State!

Go, Mike, go!

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