Sunday, December 09, 2007

Law of the Sea Treaty

Isn't it more than slightly ironic that the acronym for this UN attempt at a power grab is L O S T?!?!

For ye socks just tuning-in to the Law of the Sea Treaty controversy, allow me to give you a little history.

Our subsidized friends at the United Nations crafted this piece of garbage back in the 1970s, whereby they declared the oceans of the world the "common heritage of mankind."

Sounds innocuous enough, doesn't it?

But, by making that declaration, they extend their faulty logic to demand that all the nations in the world--including those that are completely landlocked--should receive a share in any mineral resources that may be discovered under international waters.

Essentially, the career bureaucrats up there in New York City expect anyone with the entrepreneurial spirit enough to risk their lives and fortunes to explore the vast uncharted underwater world to turn over a portion of anything valuable they might discover for "equitable" redistribution.

Smacks of socialism, doesn't it?

Back in 1982, the late great Ronald Reagan rejected LOST because he correctly perceived it as a threat to US sovereignty. Indeed, it not only threatens the sovereignty of EVERY country in the world, it also discourages private enterprise.

LOST never seemed likely to pass the US Senate since the Reagan years. But, since last year's lurch to the left, the socialist wing of the Democratic Party now controls Congress and is salivating at the opportunity to revive the treaty.

Evidently, the supporters of this treaty didn't learn anything from the collapse of the Soviet Union. If you stifle the free market by removing profit motive, you also stifle innovation. And, mankind will be poorer for it. How many potential discoveries and technological advances may be left at the bottom of the ocean if it doesn't pay to get your boots wet?!

LOST must be stopped. I encourage all ye socks to contact your US Senators and tell them to VOTE NO ON LOST!

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