Friday, November 14, 2008

Antiques as an economic barometer

Renninger's Antique Mall up in Mount Dora will hold their annual extravaganza this weekend.

And, things aren't looking good.

It seems folks aren't interested in Duncan Phyfe sofas like the one that graces my sleeping porch.

Who can blame 'em?!

In an economic downturn like the one we are experiencing in this little corner of heaven, you have to focus on food, shelter, and clothing.

Antiques are the luxury items of the little guy. They may never be able to buy a yacht, or a mansion, or a fancy foreign sports car. But, those interesting old trinkets at flea markets and swap meets are within reach of just about everybody.

Renninger's admits the number of dealers showing up for this year's extravaganza is down ten-percent.

The attendance and sales numbers will be interesting to see. The event usually draws about 40,000 folks, even if many are "just looking."

If that number is down, as I suspect it might be, it will only confirm standard barometers like the DJIA, NYSE, and NASDAQ.

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