Monday, February 23, 2009

Educated atop a former toxic gas depot . . .

I learned this disturbing little piece of information today about Chickasaw Elementary School east of Orlando, where yours truly (and his favorite sibling) attended classes from 1979 to 1981.

The Army Corps of Engineer's office up in Jacksonville announced today that the campus was once used by the nearby Orlando Army Airfield as a "toxic gas and decontamination yard." And, they are going to spend some $1.4 million of our bitterly-forfeited tax dollars to screen the site for any residual contamination and debris.

It seems back during the Second World War "the greatest generation" was running hither and yon in what was then inhospitable swampland, learning how to combat mustard gas and other chemicals the dastardly fascists might send their way in the midst of battle.

Don't ask me why the corps is only getting around to checking the site out for public safety some sixty plus years after the war's end . . .

The real question is whether I (and the aforementioned favorite sibling) may now blame our years at Chickasaw for all foibles past, present and future . . .

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