Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Surplus Surnames

Backing up ye olde genealogy database this evening, yours truly discovered he has amassed quite a collection of surnames. Thought I'd post 'em here for ye socks to peruse. (Just the most recent 15 generations, and only direct ancestral names--if I included all the collateral lines, the list would be way too long . . . ) Let me know if any of them crop in your own family trees, and maybe we can compare notes:

Airey, Allerton, Alling, Allington, Andrew, Arnett, Ash, Aston, Atkinson.

Ballard, Barker, Barnard, Barnes, Bathurst, Batte, Bayford, Bell, Benton, Bernard, Bidwell, Bird, Blackman, Blakesley, Bolling, Bonneau, Bonnell, Bonner, Bourchier, Boyd, Brown, Buckner, Burgeaud, Burnet, Burton, Butterworth.

Cameron, Carr, Carrie, Carter, Cartwright, Chadwick, Chatterton, Clarke, Coats, Cocke, Coff, Conner, Cox, Crewes, Cullen, Cunningham, Curtis.

Daley, Davis, Dean, Deas, Dodge, Drury, DuBliss, Dupre.

Eaton, Eddy, Evans, Everest.

Fawcett, Ferrers, Flake, Folger, Foster, Fostin, Frederick.

Gaines, Gallagher, Games, Gardener, Gillet, Gleeson, Goff, Goodwin, Green, Greyson.

Hall, Hancock, Hanna, Harris, Harrison, Harvard, Hawkins, Hazelwood, Heard, Hebelthwait, Heemstraat, Hendricks, Hill, Hitchcock, Hoare, Holcomb, Hollinger, Horry, Hoskins, Howson, Hubbard.

Ibbetsen, Ingersoll, Irving, Ivey.

Jackson, Jernigan, Jones, Judd.

Kellogg, King, Kring.

Law, Lawrence, Lawson, Layland, Leary, LeScott, Lighthall, Ligon, Lorance, Lord, Lowry, Lucye, Luten, Lygon, Lynch.

Macy, Mallory, Masse, Mauze, May, McClure, Meachum, Meakins, Merriman, Miller, Morgan, Morrill, Moseley, Moss, Munson.

Nash, Newell, North, Norton.

Paddock, Parker, Parmelee, Parry, Patrick, Peck, Pleasant, Porter, Portis, Potter, Pratt, Priest, Procter.

Radcliffe, Rawlins, Read, Reade, Reid, Revaison, Rich, Rives, Robertson, Roe, Ruscoe, Rushton.

Saunders, Savory, Schouw, Scorer, Scrope, Selman, Seymour, Shakerley, Simmons, Slaughter, Smith, Sperry, Sponable, Stalman, Stith, Stockdale, Stratford, Swan.

Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Timmons, Tjerkse, Touchstone, Tracy, Trott, Tuttle, Twislton.

Van der Bogart, Vaughan, Ventrus, Videaux, Villipontoux.

Walker, Waller, Warbowe, Webb, Wentworth, White, Wilcox, Wilder, Witchfield, Wood, Woodford, Woodruff, Woodward, Wynne.




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