Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Treaty talks

Somehow, discussion over this morning's coffee turned to the simmering assertion of Texans that they have the right to reclaim their independence by the treaty their short-lived republic signed with the United States.

Far be it from yours truly to remind them of the federal government's history of honoring treaties--much less the decisiveness of the union's military victory back in the 1860s.

But, it is interesting to ponder just how crowded westbound I-10 would become if they ever really asserted that independence.

Anyway, the question was posed about whether or not our own great state of Florida might have similar recourse.

Turns out we might.

Florida was to become a U.S. territory as one of the terms of the Adams-Onis Treaty back in 1819. The U.S. Senate quickly ratified the agreement, but the Spanish government dragged its heels for a couple of years. By the time they got around to ratifying, they were embroiled in a nasty war with Mexican patriots. The latter, of course, not only wanted their independence but also disputed the treaty terms--at least those pertaining to the border of Texas.

So, did the lack of timeliness on the part of the Spanish render the treaty obsolete?

You decide.

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