Friday, November 27, 2009

An epic gridiron battle

Well, ye socks, I'm feeling doubly guilty this fine evening.

First, because I finked out on going to tonight's big regional semifinal game between Apopka and Dr. Phillips at Bill Spoone Stadium. (It's just too cold outside for this Florida boy to be sitting on aluminum bleachers, even with all the extra Thanksgiving-induced cushioning!)

Second, because I turned off the TV coverage in the first quarter when the Blue Darters had run-up the score 21-0. I figured they had the game well in hand.

But, then I got the phone call: "Are you watching this?!?!"

What I thought was going to be a blow-out ended up being the most contentious high school football game in Florida history. And, the underdog ended up knocking off the #1 team in the state.

But only after quintuple overtime!

Wait . . . is that a word, "quintuple?" Did I spell that right?



Fortunately, the Blue Darters ended up on top, 58-52.

Congrats to #65 and his teammates, and good luck down in Port St. Lucie next week. Topple those Titans, and I'll commit to a seat at the Citrus Bowl to watch you win the state championship.

Sound like a deal?!?

Go big blue!

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