Monday, February 22, 2010

Is that Springtime we can see on the horizon?!

Methinks ye olde groundhog was mistaken!

Given the weather in this little corner of heaven today, yours truly is hopeful that winter is indeed drawing to a close!

It's been a brutal one, at least by Central Florida standards.

The egghead meteorologists with their super-dee-duper doppler thingamajigs tell us that this has in fact been the fifth coldest winter around these parts since whoever started keeping track of such stuff started keeping track.

I believe them.

Granted, we've had no snow or ice like some of ye socks.

But, when we have to turn the heat on down here, significant panic ensues . . . if for no other reason than the anticipation of the ghastly utility bills that come with taking such action.

Today, though, I can report bright sunshine, moderate temps, and nary a cloud in the sky.

Can I put in an order for a couple dozen more of this type o' day?!

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