Thursday, February 11, 2010

Surviving Survivor . . .

Must-see TV around this little corner of heaven tonight centered on the 20th season premiere of Survivor.

In case ye socks don't follow the series, this time around they're reuniting former contestants and dividing them into two rival camps of "heroes" and "villains."

I was actually looking forward to seeing how Russell from last season would stack-up against Richard from the first season.

Evidently, though, Mr. Hatch was too busy serving a sentence for tax evasion to take part?!

Well, that turned out to be the least of my concerns.

With both eyes focused on the TV screen, yours truly failed to realize a certain scrumptious morsel was still sizzling hot and ended up scalding his lower lip.

@*()!&*%)#&*@($)&*)&*!!! That hurts! Imagine it's gonna leave a nasty blister, too . . .

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