Wednesday, June 16, 2010

PCPD update

For ye socks who have been following the ongoing efforts to revive Pine Castle Pioneer Days, the site committee met this morning on the festival grounds to discuss lay-out of arts/crafts vendor booths.

We scheduled the meeting to start at 9am, with the hope that we could get our work done before the summertime heat became too unbearable.

While we failed in that effort, we were successful in identifying a great central spot for said booths, took the necessary measurements, and should have a final map, etc., to report back to the finance committee by their meeting on June 30th. If they approve, all of this will get passed on to the next general planning session for the final go-ahead and vendor packets will be sent out next month. (For more info, email: .)

In the mean time, dealing with all the heat generated by the asphalt parking lot out there served as a rather uncomfortable reminder of my need for a haircut. So, I'm now headed to the barbershop. (There's must be a pun somewhere in that last statement . . .)

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