Sunday, July 11, 2010


I hope ye socks will indulge me as I rant about something that happened today while yours truly was driving around this corner of heaven listening to a local radio station that shall remain nameless.

There was a particular song on their airwaves that featured an innocuous refrain that warns the listener, "Don't trust a ho." At least I thought it was innocuous. But, somebody over there evidently doesn't like the term "ho," because they insisted upon bleeping out every single instance of it frequent usage. If they found it that offensive, why didn't the censors just take the whole song off their playlist instead of ruining it completely?

But, that's not what really bothered me.

Immediately following the de-hoed song, the station went on to play several other songs that I felt were much more blatantly offensive.

But, I guess subject matter is wide open, as long as you choose your words carefully?!


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