Monday, August 09, 2010

The History Center

Thanks go out to Jim Robison today for pointing yours truly in the driection of The History Center in downtown Orlando.

In the ongoing effort to collect the writings of local author Will Wallace Harney, I made contact with research librarian Tana Porter about a cache of his letters that are in their collection.

Imagine my surprise when I got down there this morning to discover that I recognized Tana as one of the volunteers who helped show ye olde abode during the College Park Historic Homes Tour a couple of years ago! Small world!

Anyway, she kindly provided me access to said letters and I spent some time making an index to aid in the compilation of an anthology I hope will be completed in time for Pioneer Days' November 4th launch party . . . didn't realize how extensive the collection was going to be . . . when it rains it pours!

Even if ye socks aren't a research geek like yours truly, The History Center is a must-see if your weekend itinerary carries you downtown. They are located at 65 East Central Boulevard. For more info, see their website at:

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