Sunday, August 15, 2010

Primary endorsements - part 1

With just a few weeks left before we head to the polls in this little corner of heaven, yours truly has received his official "sample ballot" in the mail and begun researching the candidates.

Thought I'd spend the next few days figuring out who to vote for.

Keep in mind, the posts will be limited in scope by ye olde party affiliation and official residence.

The first race is for the Republican nomination to become the next Florida Attorney General.

The candidates are attorney Pam Bondi, former Hillsborough County legislator Holly Benson, and Jeff Kotkamp (the current lieutenant governor).

I know this may be irrational, but Kotkamp immediately gets scratched off my list due to his association with Charlie Crist. Unfair? Maybe. But, it is what it is.

Couldn't find out much about Benson, but do recognize Pam Bondi from her occasional commentary on FoxNews. I also liked what I saw on her website ( about how she will continue Bill McCollum's fight against imposing ObamaCare on Floridians. And, she had some good things to say about preventing mortgage fraud and identity theft. I'm ready to give her a shot at the job.

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