Wednesday, September 22, 2010

That's odd . . .

In examining ye olde sample ballot, it struck yours truly as somewhat odd that it appears to be missing three proposed amendments.

Pun intended.

After some digging, I found they were stuck down by the courts for various reasons.

For the edification of ye socks, they were:

Amendment 3 - would have capped property tax increases on non-homesteads at 5% per year.

Amendment 7 - was deemed redundant, as provisions were covered by Amendments 6 and 7 (which are, in my humble opinion, fairly redundant themselves and should have been consolidated into one single amendment).

Amendment 9 - was a half-baked response to ObamaCare that sought to ban health insurance mandates. But, it overreached in trying to also prohibit the state legislature from imposing RomneyCare on Floridians . . . as if that was a reasonable expectation. In their rush at overreaching, the crafters of the amendment employed some rather awkward wording. That is what ulitmately undid them.

And, now you know why there are gaps in the sample ballots in this little corner of heaven!

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