Monday, June 25, 2007

What's wrong with the "Old Folks at Home"?!

In case you didn't know it "Old Folks at Home" is the official song down here in the great and sovereign state of Florida.

It was written way back in 1851, and has references to plantation life in its lyrics which apparently offend modern sensibilities.

You know, everything has to be politically correct nowadays.

So, it looks like more of our heritage is doomed to the dustbin of history. We might as well accept it, and divert our focus to the much more entertaining endeavor of selecting a replacement ditty.

Here are my top 5 suggestions (in no particular order):

1. "Seminole Wind," by John Anderson (an Apopka native). You've got to love the fact that he so closely associates Seminoles with the word "blow." Remember, the alligator's lurking in the dark. Be afraid!

2. "Big Yellow Taxi," by The Counting Crows. You know the one, "They paved paradise, put up a parking lot . . ."

3. "Snow Bird," by Anne Murray. I wish some of the real snowbirds would take her suggestion: "Spread your tiny wings and fly away . . ." Then, maybe there wouldn't be such an uproar about all this nonsense.

4. "Walkin' on Sunshine," by Katrina and the Waves. Unfortunately, I think the State of Louisiana has dibs on this one.

5. "The Boys from Old Florida," the Gator anthem. You've probably heard it during every 4th quarter. ("F - L - O - R - I - D - A") But, something tells me the feministas would have a problem with the gender specificity.

Any of you socks care to add to this list?!

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Blogger simmonsfam said...

My vote is for #5...a true Florida classic that is close to my heart. Tell the feminists to get over it, it started as an all male school for God's sake!

5:20 PM  
Blogger Apopkan said...

Duly noted. And, you get bonus points if you can identify the former all-girls school.

Personally, though, I've flip-flopped on this issue and think we should keep "Old Folks" just to pi$$ off the politically correct crowd.

5:27 PM  

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