Saturday, August 18, 2007

Longwood Estate Sale

Got up early, like a regular "work day" so I could be one of the first people at an estate sale up in Longwood this morning.

And, I was glad I made the extra effort.

The big purchase of the day was a framed commemorative poster from the 1992 Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival. (You socks who know my mom are probably familiar with her burgeoning collection of these posters.)

The big suprise came at check-out, when the lady running the sale (Cece) let me have my choice of one bottle out of the liquor cabinet, because everything had to go and she doesn't have a liquor license!

In case you're wondering, I got the creme de menthe. Not because I'm particularly fond of the cordial, but because it was the only unopened bottle!!

Anyway, thanks to Cece for the heads-up on this estate sale. I'm looking forward to the one in College Park next month! (Already wondering what may be in the liquor cabinet in THAT neighborhood . . . probably Dom Perignon or Grand Marnier!

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