Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mark McEwen's "Miracle of Love"

Just got done watching a great special on our local CBS affiliate, channel 6.

You socks who live out of the area probably recognize Mark McEwen as the jovial weather man from the CBS morning show.

Well, back in 2002, he moved down here to Central Florida to become an anchorman.

Unfortunately, he wasn't on the air for very long before he suffered a massive stroke.

Tonight's special broadcast detailed how he and his wife Denise and their family and friends came together on the road to recovery.

Mark's speech still isn't what it used to be. And, he has some difficulty using one of his hands. But, his mind is as sharp as ever, and his sense of humor is still disarming.

What amazed me most is that he is not only walking unassisted, but is also driving himself--and the destinations aren't just therapy sessions and doctor appointments. He's also taken on a variety of speaking engagements. Check out these links for more info:



Mark's is certainly an inspiring story!

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