Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Calling all Disappointed Democrats

And, I know there have to be a lot of you out there, when the best your party can put forth is Hillary and Obama.

Case in point: Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, the party's nominee for Vice President back in 2000. He didn't leave the Democratic Party. The party left him. Literally. High and dry. They abandoned him in his campaign to retain his senate seat last year.

Well, yesterday, he returned the favor. After surveying the field of candidates offered on the Democratic side of the aisle, he has decided to endorse a Republican. Now, I wish he'd picked Mike Huckabee, but I still have to hand it to the guy for the courage he displayed in saying "enough is enough" to the leftist nut jobs who have hi-jacked his party.

So, today I would like to put an "all call" out to all ye everyday Joe's who are registered Democrats and feel as abandoned as Lieberman does.

In the great State of Florida, we allow people to switch party affiliations prior to primary elections. The deadline down here is 12/31. But, if you're not blessed to live in the Sunshine State, check your local supervisor of elections office. And, in so doing you can accomplish TWO things:

1. It will really send a message to party leaders when they see the rank and file switching to Indpendent (or, better, to Republican)!

2. You will have an entirely new slate of candidates from which to make your selection. Of course, we here in the dryer think Mike Huckabee's track record and position on the issues will knock your socks off.

But, even if you cannot bring yourself to switch registration. At least take some consolation in knowing YOU ARE NOT ALONE in recognizing the Democratic frontrunners do NOT represent mainstream America, its values or its best interests.

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