Friday, November 28, 2008

Not-so-black Friday

I don't know if ye socks can make out the words on the postcard in this picture, but they proclaim "HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!"

It makes those of us fortunate enough to indeed be home this Thanksgiving weekend remember all those who cannot make the same claim . . . particularly those in uniform who ensure every day that we enjoy liberties like this.

So, I'm really savoring it this year by not leaving the house to participate in the commericalized madness in the malls.

Instead, I've put up ye olde Christmas tree and pulled down all the boxes of ornaments, etc., from the attic.

It's beginning to look like Santa's workshop around here . . . not so much "Black" Friday as it is "Red and Green" Friday!


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Blogger M--- said...

We stayed home on Black Friday as well...with intentions of Red and Green Friday on our minds, but laziness won out! I guess this week it'll begin to look a lot more like Christmas!

I've decided the Friday after Thanksgiving is the better holiday because you don't have to cook (eat leftovers!), you don't have to clean because your guests are already there or are leaving (so the cleaning can wait another day, surely!), most don't have to work (unless you're cursed with a retail job..ugh!) and it's a bring on the weekend early!!

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