Sunday, November 23, 2008

Forget the dryer, use the clothesline!

Well, ye socks, we have been enjoying some chamber of commerce type weather in this little corner of heaven over the weekend, which led yours truly to do something I'd vowed never to do again.

Years ago, before I was blessed with a clothes dryer, I had to hang ye olde laundry on a line in the backyard.

The fact that the wind rushing thru the honeysuckle on a nearby fence infused my laundry with some naturally sweet aromas was totally lost on me. I just hated dodging both the bumble bees that frequented the honeysuckle vines and the raindrops that seemed to fall there with greater frequency than any other spot in Central Florida. And, the "bat wings" on my shirts nearly drove me crazy!

Now, however, I have the OPTION of using my handy dandy clothes dryer (in which so many socks have been lost over the years) or the clotheline I discovered in the backyard of my new home. I think it was the lack of options that made using the old clothesline seem like such an onerous burden, not just the bees, rain, and batwings.

The newly discovered clothesline isn't nearly as sophisticated as the old one, as it has just one real pole. The other end of the line is tied to my grapefruit tree!

But, I took a chance this morning and hung a few things on it, to "see if it worked." And, it did! Only, instead of honeysuckle, everything smells faintly citrussy from the grapefruit. (Is citrussy a word?!)

Of course, everything is stiff because clipping fabric softener strips to the line doesn't work. Not that I've tried, of course. That would just be stupid, right?!

Still, I imagine I saved at least a few pennies off next month's utility bill with this little experiment. If the weather holds, I might try it again . . .

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Blogger Judith Richards Shubert said...

Hi William, I've tagged you to tell us 2 things you're thankful for this Thanksgiving season! Want to hear more about you and yours.

The Carnival Meme location if I saw where you were undecided and that you might attend. You can see my Meme at

11:32 AM  
Blogger Orange and Blue said...

OK, but I'm going to wait til tomorrow to post it. Today's post (when I get around to typing it up) is already spoken for, because it's my mom's birthday!

3:16 PM  

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