Friday, December 26, 2008

The day after

Since English traditions seem to be the theme this week, ye socks should know the day after Christmas is a special one for those of us with roots in that little corner of heaven.

Whether you call it "Boxing Day" or "St. Stephen's Day," it's a good way to transition from all the Christmas stuff and get in the New Year's mode.

I've seen the day marked in different ways over the years. I think originally it was spent boxing up your old stuff to make way for all the new stuff you got on Christmas. Of course, you're supposed to then take the old stuff and donate it to the less fortunate.

I've also seen it spent taking boxes of unwanted gifts back to the store for exchange.

But, this year, at least around here, it's being spent boxing up the overflow of Christmas decorations.

Santa's little helpers got a wee bit overzealous this year . . .


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