Sunday, December 21, 2008

New state champs!

Big doin's in the Citrus Bowl last night, as we hosted the state 6A football championship.

About 13,000 folks turned out to watch local underdog Seminole take on reigning champ Miami Northwestern.

And, it threatened to be an UGLY affair.

Northwestern quickly threw 21 points on the board, and the crowd prepared for a repeat of last year's thrashing of Boone (another local team).

But, the kids from Sanford have guts, and they hung in there to respond with 21 points of their own while thwarting the Miami kids'efforts to add to their total.

Then, with just about 30 seconds left on the clock, with everything tied-up at 21, hero-of-the-day Andre Debose made a stupendous running catch of a 40-yard bomb, tumbling into the endzone, and putting Seminole on top!

"And, the crowd went wild!"



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