Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Charlie Crist's plan to stick it to Florida homeowners

Any of ye socks who own a home in this little corner of heaven should be pretty steamed about a new property tax proposal that our illustrious tanned governor is trying to push thru the state legislature.

He wants to give an unfair tax break to first time buyers. Anyone who has never qualified for a homestead exemption before in the State of Florida would get an immediate 50% reduction in their assessment.

If passed, more of the tax burden will be shifted to existing home owners.

How fair is that?

Who elected this clown, anyway? It wasn't the unknown numbers of potential first home buyers out there who might take him up on this tax break. No, it was--by and large--the state's existing home owners.

And, now he wants to give us all the shaft.

But, despair not. Even if Snarlie Charlie's willing handmaidens in the legislature do succeed in getting this tripe passed thru both houses, it still must get voter approval as a constitutional amendment.

Time to contact ye olde state reps and senators and let them know what we think about the governor's plan . . .

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