Thursday, March 19, 2009

What's good for Wall Street is good for Capitol Hill

Yours truly had an epiphany last night while watching coverage of the idiots running our nation into the ground trying to justify why they should be in charge of deciding how people's compensation packages are structured.

They are so convincing with their arguments that those dastardly employees of AIG should give back their bonus money. They are so righteous in declaring support of salary caps for executives.

That's when it hit me. Something about a goose and a gander.

Why don't we start capping politicians' salaries, too?! I mean they are just as responsibile, if not MOST responsible, for the financial mess we are currently experiencing.

My sanctimonious, narrow-minded, and heavy-handed approach would work something like this.

Since the pols live and die by the polls anyway, let's tie their pay to their public approval ratings (PAR's)!

Say a given office pays a $100,000 salary, but the sycophant that occupied said office only has a 50% approval rating. The PAR adjusted salary would only be $50,000. And, the difference could revert back to the treasury to offset the massive "stimulus" plans of the ObamaNation!

Hope and change!

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Blogger Scott said...

Just wait. Between increased taxes on the so-called wealthy and this type of government intervention in the private sector, we're seeing the beginnings of an attempt by government to control wages.

AIG is a test case. If they get away with it here, expect them to begin to bring the hammer down on employees in other industries.

No personal wealth or supposedly binding employment contract will be safe from the clutches of the big government.

Article I, Section 9 of the Constitution is being erased as we speak.

5:22 PM  
Blogger wsmv said...

I'm with you, Scott. If El Presidente signs anything like the bill the House passed yesterday, there WILL be a Supreme Court challenge.

Thank God his predecessor got Justices Roberts and Alito on the bench before his departure . . . they may be the last line of defense against the socialist juggernaut.

10:05 AM  

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