Monday, June 08, 2009

Ambiguity: The ObamaNation's Key to Perpetual Correctness

I didn't think Democrats could be more annoying than when they try to be politically correct. But, I was wrong. Now, at least among those affiliated with the ObamaNation, the penchant has shifted to being perpetually correct.

A lot of stars have to align to accomplish the latter, of course. Fortunately, they have the unquestioning loyalty and devotion of the "mainstream" media. (BTW, how absurd was all the bowing and scraping during Brian Williams' recent visit to the belly of the beast formerly known as the White House last week?!?)

The key to being perpetually correct, however, is ambiguity. You can always claim you are in the right if you do away with the measuring sticks.

And, I'm not just talking about the lack of a moral compass we all witnessed during the last Democratic administration. At least the ambiguities back then had to do with defining things like the word "is."

Nowadays, on the other hand, the idiots who have hi-jacked our federal government are using more dangerous open-ended terms to apply to our current economic mess and their half-baked strategies for dealing with it.

For example, ye socks may have forgotten that the ObamaNation's celebrated "stimulus" bill was supposed to keep unemployment from exceeding 8%. They were going to "create or save" millions of jobs. Cue the trumpets!

HA! Piffle and balderdash!

The most recent numbers show 1.6 million Americans have lost their jobs since the idiot-in-chief put ink to paper, and unemployment stands at 9.4%.

How do they get away with still pimping their agenda? Good question.

The answer THEY are giving is that the numbers would be much worse if they hadn't taken such "bold and decisive" action. By their slippery way of reporting economic data, true measures like raw job loss numbers and the percentage of the American workforce that is currently unemployed mean nothing. It's much more convenient for them to run at the mouth about what could have been in some alternate universe.

More piffle and balderdash!

Watch the news tomorrow, ye socks. I believe you will discover many of the biggest banks in the land will announce they are going to hand back the "bail out" money they were forced to take over the last few months. The Obama-sponsored bogey man never materialized, and they don't want to hang themselves on all the strings that are attached to his cash.

The rest of us need to come to this realization. Soon. And, there's nothing ambiguous about that!

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