Monday, July 20, 2009

One small step . . . 40 years later

Despite what some of ye socks might say behind my back, yours truly was NOT around 40 years ago when man first step foot on the moon.

But, that's not keeping me from marking the big milestone today.

Living so close to Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center, I probably follow the current launches and missions more than the average joe.

And, I've been worried as the current shuttle program draws to a close, that America has lost its passion for the space program.

It's a shame, really. So much has been discovered over these past four decades to benefit us non-astronaut types.

But, I suppose since the shuttles have been so reliable for so long, that they produce yawns where the Apollo program inspired awe . . .

With all the efforts being made (and dollars being spent) to create "hope and change" in our little corner of heaven, I guess I just wish more was being done to expand our efforts in space.

I mean, it's nice that we have 13 astronauts from around the world crammed into the space station as I type this . . . but, when are we going to start sending them to more exotic places?

Mars, anyone?


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