Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dry season?

Today found yours truly touring the hill country of Lake County with a distant cousin and a not-so-distant cousin.

The primary objective of our excursion was to scout out some of the distressed properties in that neck of the woods.

With the housing bust, construction of many subdivisions out here came to a screeching halt. The result is wide swaths of developed land, with roads, sidewalks, lamp posts, etc., but no houses.

Anyway, lunchtime found us in Clermont, and we ended up grabbing some grill food at the Tiki Bar on Lake Minneola.

This is a shot of the boardwalk leading down to the grill. See that gas pump? Well, before the lake waters receded beyond the dock, boats used to be able to pull right up to it to fill up their tanks.

So, it looks like just about everything's dried-up over in Lake County.

Well, except for the juicy Swiss burgers at the tiki bar . . .

Hopefully, some of ye socks have saved up for a rainy day, because it won't be like this forever.

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