Sunday, September 06, 2009

4 Levels of Wisdom

Not saying I subscribe to this construct, just that I heard it today and thought it worth pondering. Supposedly, each level is a building block to the next. In other words, one cannot completely achieve the next level without mastering the preceding level. (Wondering how many folks actually go beyond the lowest level (4) . . . )

4. Surrender nothing. Approach life's problems from a natural, humanistic perspective. Try to rationalize/compartmentalize everything. (Average adult.)

3. Surrender the past. Realize there is no changing what happened before today. Focus on the here and now. Begin each day anew without being anchored to your history. (Someone who's been around the block a few times.)

2. Surrender the present. This doesn't mean live with complete abandon and reckless disregard, but rather acknowledge that no individual human being could possibly control every aspect of every moment. (A wise person.)

1. Surrender the future. Exercise prudence, justice, strength, and temperance; but, otherwise allow what will be to unfold with grace. (A sage.)



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