Sunday, September 27, 2009

Get well soon, Tim!

Last night's 41-7 Gator victory over the Wildcats up in Kentucky was overshadowed by concerns for our star quarterback Tim Tebow.

He took a pretty good hit from defensive end Taylor Wyndham. But, he's used to stuff like that.

What he's not used to is the unintentional double whammy he received from his own team mate Marcus Gilbert that caused his neck to jerk violently forward.

The crowd of 70,000+ went silent as the Heisman trophy winner lay motionless on the field, seemingly unresponsive.

ESPN quickly cut to a commercial, and yours truly began pulling his hair out.

When they returned to a live shot from Lexington, I was relieved to see Tebow on the sidelines talking with the medical staff. Unfortunately, he got sick soon thereafter, and had to be taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital. I understand he was kept overnight with a concussion.

Although his replacement John Brantley was more than equal to the task of finishing out the game, and although the Gators have next Saturday off, I'm sure the Orange and Blue faithful everywhere are joining me in praying for Tebow's speedy recovery . . . and not just because we'll need him against LSU, but because his tremendous heart has made him such a fan favorite.

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