Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The real inconvenient truth

Free speech reigns in America, even in these dismal times.

There's a reason it is guaranteed in the FIRST amendment, as it is the primary cornerstone of our republic.

The odd thing is that some people think this amendment should only apply OUTSIDE of the U.S. Capitol and off the airwaves of the major networks. Or, maybe certain citizens have more of a claim to the right than others?

Inside the halls of our illustrious Congress, they would have ye socks believe that decorum and deference to the lying figurehead of a supposedly "co-equal" branch of government is more important . . .

Check your outrage at the door. Shut up. Sit quiet. And, listen to the boldest of lies as they come one after another . . .

Poppycock and piffle!

Frankly, I think we could learn a lot from our British cousins. I kinda like the raucus exchanges between the Members of Parliament and the Prime Minister.

Despite namby-pamby John McCain's assertions to the contrary, no one should apologize for or feel bad about speaking their mind in America . . . ANYWHERE or ANY TIME in America.

It may be inconvenient to the current powers-that-be, but dissension and free speech is still alive and well in this country.

Hope and change, y'all!

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