Friday, October 09, 2009

Bursting Boone's Bubble


That's all I can say after watching Dr. Phillips dismantle the Boone Braves tonight, 49-7.

The surprising part of all this is that I had received some assurances that the outcome would be significantly different. In fact, I do believe I was told this morning over breakfast that the score should have been 21-14 in Boone's favor.

I guess this is what happens when you underestimate a #1 squad. (How's that for some foreshadowing for ye LSU fans out there?!)

I don't care that DP snuck into the top slot due to MNW's failings.

And, with the comparative depth they have, it also didn't matter that two star players were suspended just prior to the game.

This was a gross mismatch.

Only made grosser by the sweltering humidity and 105-degree heat index.

When's the football weather gonna show up around here, anyway?!?!

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