Thursday, October 08, 2009

Pushing Push (the Movie)

Well, ye socks, the latest DVD to arrive via Netflix in this little corner of heaven was "Push."

It got added to ye olde queue due to the interesting premise about an interesting subculture possessing a variety of paranormal abilities.

The story centers around three of said giften individuals, played by Dakota Fanning, Chris Evans, and the exotically beautiful Camilla Belle.

The Hong Kong setting added some more exotic flair to this already fast-paced flick.

How could you not like a movie that features a pair of Chinese dudes who can scream so loud as to shatter glass from fishtanks to windows . . . not to mention countless eardrums?!

Single disclaimer: the plot is not the reason to rent this DVD. But, get it for the action, special effects, and to see how the premise plays out.



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