Monday, September 28, 2009

Old orange marmalade recipe


* 6 oranges

* 3 quarts of water

* 7 pounds of sugar


*Wash the oranges and slice very thin, rejecting the seeds.

* To each pound of the fruit add three pints of cold water.

* Let it stand twenty-four hours.

* Boil until skins are tender.

* Allow to stand another twenty-four hours.

* Add sugar.

* Boil until the syrup jellies and the chips are tender.

This was submitted by Mrs. W.H. Odiorne of Orlando, Florida, for inclusion in a cookbook published by the First Baptist Church of Gloucester, Massachusetts, back in 1900. She and her family were originally from that neck o' the woods, but evidently learned how to incorporate citrus into their diet soon after making it to this little corner of heaven. Who says you can't teach a Yankee new tricks?!?!

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