Thursday, January 07, 2010

2 more dvd reviews

OK, given that I still haven't gotten the new Bright House remote, it's a lot easier to watch DVD's around this little corner of heaven lately.

Fortunately, the folks at Netflix stepped up to the plate and delivered two selections this week.

#1 was "Funny People," starring Adam Sandler as a comedic actor (big stretch, right?) facing a terminal illness. He hires Seth Rogen to help him write jokes. Beyond that, the premise of this film is really contrived.

Be forewarned that this film employs a lot of blue humor, which might offend some of ye socks. It also features numerous celebrity cameos. The highlight (?!) was probably the exchange that occurred between Eminem and Ray Romano . . . Suffice it to say, not everybody loves Raymond!

Some of the one-liners produced chuckles around here, but all the cursing and vulgarity eventually seemed gratuitous.

Selection #2: "Lost in Austen" features modern London banker chick Amanda Price (played by Jemima Rooper) who would rather read "Pride and Prejudice" than spend time with her semi-loser boyfriend.

Somehow, Amanda's bathroom shower becomes a porthole to the Georgian England setting of said novel, and she swaps lives with the protagonist Elizabeth Bennett.

Well, at least this premise was better than its predecessor . . . assuming, of course, that the viewer is well-versed in Jane Austen. If you're not an Austen fan, though, you probably won't like this film.

Bottom line: Funny People and Lost in Austen both target niche audiences. Make sure you fit in the niche before ordering either flick.



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