Saturday, January 09, 2010

Surname Saturday

In keeping with yesterday's genealogy theme, I give ye socks the following list of surnames that appear in my direct ancestry (at least as far back as 9 generations):

Airey Anderson Andrews Arnett
Barker Barnard Blakesley (3x!) Blount Bonnell Bonner Boyd Brown (3x!) Burton
Cameron Cartwright Coats Cocke Conner Cox Cullen
Daly Davis (3x!) Dean Dees
Evans Everett
Gaines Gallagher Gleeson Griffin
Hall Hanna Harris Hendricks Hill Hollinger
Irving Ivey
Jackson Jernigan Jones (4x!) Judd
Kellogg King
Leary Lighthall Lorance Lowry Lynch (twice!)
Macy Madison Marriott May Meachum Miller Mizell Morgan
Patrick Pleasant Portis
Reid Robertson (twice!) Rowan Rushton
Selman Simmons Smith Sponable Stith Stockdale (twice!) Swan
Taylor Timmons Touchstone
Walker Webb Wilder

More details can be seen on my ahnentafel:

Let me know if you see any points of possible kinnection!

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