Saturday, January 23, 2010

Updated ahnentafel

Ye socks who were not completely bored by the genealogical nature of yesterday's post in the dryer, may also appreciate the fact that I have finally sifted thru all the new material I recently uncovered and have updated my ahnentafel at:

New surnames include Besserer, Buffler, Cox, Depew, Dorge, Dorman, Golzborn, Hagin, Hamerin, Hickman, Hopkins, Jones, Kappel, Leibfried, Mayr, Metz, Necker, Oedacker, Ott, Outten, Partridge, Purnell, Raffensburg, Rottner, Slemp/Schlemp, Shepherd, Smith, Steiger, Twyford, and Zangmeister.

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