Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Who saw this one coming?!

In Massachusetts, the bluest of blue states, the same Senate seat has been held by a member of the Kennedy family or their surrogate for half a century.

That's going to change as the poll results roll in from the Bay State tonight.

It looks like former Democrat "shoo-in" Martha Coakley is going down in flames.

Behaving as arrogantly as her would-be peers on Capitol Hill, she discounted the political acumen of her Republican rival Scott Brown and the dismay of her would-be constituents . . . so much so that she took time off the very short period of time leading up to this special election to take a Caribbean vacation.

May this give Harry Reid and his ilk pause in their on-going effort to ram Stealth Scare down our throats.

The people have spoken.

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