Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Movie Review

Seeing as the cold weather that has so brutally descended upon this little corner of heaven is of such historic and epic proportions, yours truly determined to remain as close to the home fires as possible today.

And, that generally involves the overstuffed sectional and the DVD player.

So, this Sunday's selection (thanks to our friends at Netflix) was "My Best Friend's Girl."

The only thing I can assume is that someone out in Hollywood was jamming to The Cars on their iPod and decided they just had to make a movie out of the 30 year old song of the same name.

The premise they employed is no less original.

Remember "Hitch" from a couple years ago, the movie in which Will Smith's character gets paid to give dating advice to a hopeless loser played by Kevin James?

Okay, well the "twist" this go-round is that the hired help is played by comedian Dane Cook, who is hired to date the target woman (played by Kate Hudson) and behave like such a horse's rear end that she'll go running back into the arms of the latest hopeless loser (this time played by Jason Biggs).

Oh, yeah, and did I mention that Cook and Biggs' characters are roommates and cousins?

Let the craziness ensue . . .

Alec Baldwin is the only reason this flick was not a complete waste of time. He appears (far too late in this trainwreck, imho) as Cook's wretched letch of a father.

Bottom line: barely better than braving a blizzard . . . but, just barely.



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