Monday, January 11, 2010

Yet another movie review

Wow, if ye socks didn't know any better, you'd think someone in this little corner of heaven got a new DVD player for Christmas from all the movies being reviewed in the dryer lately . . .

Today's feature "My Life in Ruins," is not a melodrama as the title may imply.

Rather, it is a fairly predictable romantic comedy "starring" the quirky yet attractive Nia Vardalos. Though, the only real star power in the ensemble cast belongs to Richard Dreyfuss.

Basically, Vardalos plays an over-qualified tour director in Greece, who has to learn to have fun and do a little less lecturing as she leads a bunch of oddballs from one set of ancient ruins to the next.

It's fairly obvious from the beginning of the film who the boy would be in this girl-meets-boy scenario, but I won't ruin it for you . . . get it? "Ruin" it for you?!?

Anyway, this DVD made for some good brainless entertainment after a hard day at work, kinda like vicariously traveling to the Aegean . . . ok, well, maybe not that good.

Bottom line: If you like "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," you'll like this one, too.

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