Monday, April 19, 2010

Oh, yeah, the play-offs started . . .

Yours truly just realized that he had neglected to mention the beginning of the NBA play-offs in this little corner of heaven.

In case ye socks missed it, the guys in Blue and White beat Charlotte, 98-89

A lot of those points came from Jameer Nelson. 32 points to be precise. If he can consistently throw up numbers like that, he may just be the difference between making it to the finals and actually winning the championship.

But, even with Nelson's shot of adrenaline, the Magic still played to form. It looked for a while like they were going to blow their 22 point lead in front of the home crowd. That surely would have happened if they hadn't been playing a team like Charlotte.

I hate to say it, but Larry Brown's team is one dimensional . . . at least when it comes to dealing with the Magic. They have absolutely no offensive game, and focus almost exclusively on hacking Dwight Howard.

Methinks a series sweep may be in the cards if the next three games play out like the opener . . . stay tuned!

Go Magic!

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