Monday, April 05, 2010

That'll wake ya up!

Yours truly is a creature of habit. There, I've admitted it.

The morning routine involves checking ye olde email on my computer in the upstairs office.

As soon as I can see the sun peeking over the tree line across the street, I know it's time to power things down and head out the door to conquer the world.

So, this morning I'm following this routine to the letter, when I catch a glimpse of glowing light emerging from the eastern horizon.

Surely, it's still too early for the sunrise, I think to myself.

Before I could turn to scrutinize the world beyond my window, though, the panes started rattling in their frames. It was an awful lot like I suppose a train would sound like if it jumped its tracks and decided to barrel its way down Elizabeth Avenue into the waters of Lake Ivanhoe.

Then and only then did I remember: DUH! Space Shuttle Launch!!!

Oh, the wonders of living in this little corner of heaven . . .

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